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The Monarch Executive Institute brings the most up to date knowledge and expertise on Management thinking from a variety of domains to leaders and executives from around the world. The mission of the Institute is to help support continuous learning within the professional arena and accelerate the potential of managers within a competitive dynamic of continual change. The Institute focuses on management strategy, executive performance, leadership & coaching, and business strategy domains.

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In today's competitive environment it is critical that Executives and Managers maintain a high level of education and training in order for their organizations to flourish. Global competitive challenges require a flexible, people-centered approach focused on ethical and sustainable practices. The open courses and programs at the Monarch Executive Institute enable participants to sharpen their skills across various disciplines with specific outcomes in mind. The skills obtained within these courses are immediately transferable to the professional arena enabling a more productive environment.

Dr. Henderson - Dean of the School

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Alison McHenry London

As a professional coach I am always looking to improve my skills. The Monarch Executive Institute courses have helped me to better understand my role. I recommend the courses to all coaches.

Dirk Zondag Amsterdam

The knowledge that I have gained from the China Business course is terrific. The course has improved my assessment of the opportunity for entering the market and given me the tools to be successful. Without this knowledge we would be flying in the dark.

Veronica Makgalo Johannesburg

Through the executive performance course at Monarch I have been able to improve my effectiveness in both my professional and personal lives. The introspection I have gained about my habits and abilities enables me to move forward with confidence.


Teaching Faculty

Prof. Dr. van Ostende

Prof. Steinberg

Prof. Dr. Block

Prof. Dr. Volschenk

Prof. Dr. Henderson

Prof. Dr. Kennedy

Prof. Dr. Keller

Prof. Ochis

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