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Coaching is the process that mobilizes strengths and realizes the potential of business individuals and organizations. The practice of coaching embodies a skill set designed to optimize the performance of a person in an organization in areas including leadership, corporate, public service, healthcare and other professional services. “Coaching psychology can be understood as being the systematic application of behavioural science to the enhancement of work performance and well‐being for business individuals, groups and organisation.” Anthony Grant (2006).

By advancing coaching research, education, and practice, Monarch supports professional coaches and others who use coaching skills in their personal and professional lives. We are building a global coaching community by bringing together leaders in the field to accelerate research progress and disseminate coaching’s best practices. We are realizing the coaching mission of optimizing human potential via Business Research, Leadership and Applied Positive Psychology.


The path to personal and systemic congruence is a path one follows throughout life. The Monarch Executive Institute sets the practitioner on this personal journey. Dysfunction in an organizational setting may occur at many times and places due to increasing pressures and low-trust. Understanding the values and beliefs important to yourself and your organization is critical to having an impact on your surroundings and alleviating dysfunction. The MEI develops the practitioner so that they may build functional strategies through a step-by-step approach in order to embrace challenges and become increasingly congruent. Ultimately, the goal is to create both a congruent person and congruent organizational setting.

Industry Expertise

The Coaching and Leadership modules at the MEI are moderated by highly credentialized professional coaches with years of Industry experience. This means the material is directly applicable to your day-to-day coaching practice.


Through its interactive and experiential design practitioners can apply their new knowledge immediately within their consulting environments.


The programs focus on the key aspects of creating increased congruency and resilience: Inside-Out Perspective, Equality, Empowerment, Equity, Exploration of the Self and Personal Needs, Examination of Value Sets and Beliefs, and Cross-Cultural Awareness.

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In today’s global business environment scholars and business people are building a greater appreciation for the importance of leadership and emotional competence. The MEI recognizes the importance of personal mastery and its role within the organization. It is impossible to be an effective leader and coach of others without having personal knowledge and understanding. The MEI builds on this simple adage by combining courses on leadership, personal mastery, psychology and coaching to enable the candidate to explore the boundaries of the self and its interaction with others. If this focus reflects your own orientation then we encourage you to push yourself towards increased personal awareness and effectiveness. - Professor Steinberg

Program Structure

The Coaching Program contains modules based on specific learning around the important coaching domains of: fundamentals, theoretical traditions, self-awareness, ethics & standards, mental health issues, personal style of coaching, coaching axis, complexity, business outcomes.

Fundamentals Of Professional Coaching

This module will introduce and develop practitioners with the fundamental skills of coaching underpinned by coaching processes and techniques. It explores what collaborative coaching could look like, coaching principles and beliefs, barriers to coaching, the coaching structure and process, and the emotional maturity one needs to become an exceptional coach. In addition, this module aims to develop the effective application of coaching at all management levels within the practitioner's organisation or in their personal capacity. This module is interactive and requires the practitioner to develop their theoretical understanding of coaching while providing the platform to start with practical application.

Professional Coaching In Management

This module provides an in-depth exploration into the theoretical traditions and approaches that lay a solid foundation to executive coaching. In addition, the module aims to develop the effective application of coaching at all management levels within the practitioner's organisation or in their personal capacity. This module interactive and requires the practitioner to develop in three areas, namely: self-awareness, coaching theory and practical application.

Applied Coaching

This module provides an in-depth exploration into the contexts, genres and settings, and professional issues around the practice of coaching, such as: ethics, supervision, continuing professional development, standards and mental-health issues. This module aims to support practitioners in identifying and developing a personal style of coaching.

Coaching With Complexity

This module introduces candidates to an approach to business and executive coaching that properly aligns the practice in the culture of business through the use of a relational "coaching axis" that helps to manage the complexity of the organisation and the individual as dual clients. This form of coaching is distinct from other types in two ways, firstly it is focused on achieving business outcomes, and secondly, both the individual being coached, and the sponsoring organization are simultaneously the client. This module explores how a coach manages the complexity of helping these two clients by acting as a narrative bridge between their stories. It offers a relational approach which resists remedial or curative notions born from the human science roots of Coaching and instead aligns to workplace realities.

100% Online Delivery

The program is designed to be completed fully online enabling practitioners to continue working during the program.


Assessment is carried out through a series of written assignments to be performed during each module


The standard duration of each module is 3 months based on an average time commitment of 10 to 15 hours per week.

Personal Assistance

You are not alone during your studies. Throughout the program periodical online office hours are scheduled and you can reach out to your course professor for professional questions and feedback via the online learning environment.


The program covers all literature and further recommended reading materials essential to acquiring the fundamental knowledge to improve your professional coaching practice.

Diploma & Certificates

Individual course certificates are issued upon the successful completion of each course. The program diploma is issued upon successful completion of all modules.

Triple Certified - Swiss Quality

Monarch Business School Switzerland is a proud member of ACBSP-Academic Council of Business School Programs (USA), EFMD-The European Federation of Management Development, CEEMAN-The Central & Eastern European Management Association, and ACUNS-The Academic Council of the United Nations System. Monarch also enjoys Triple ISO Certification.



Enrolment is on a rolling basis. No formal educational requirements exists. In the admission process we consider your achievements, organizational responsibilities and connection to business in China.


The fee for each module is EUR 975 and includes tuition fees, all literature and teaching materials, personal assistance throughout the program, assessments and registration fee and filing.

Tailor Made Study Advice

Would you like more information about the program, online learning environment or admission requirements? Do not hesitate to request more information without obligation.

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